News - Criteria for Choosing Venture Builder Investment Fund for StartUp

Criteria for Choosing Venture Builder Investment Fund for StartUp

Currently, before embarking on implementing ideas and building businesses, founders need to ensure that they are fully equipped with the necessary business knowledge as well as basic business administration knowledge to have You can control and run your business well. Besides, choosing a companion investment fund from the first steps of the business is always considered and concerned by the founders. Here are the criteria for choosing a Venture Builder Investment Fund for young people who are about to start a business.

Criteria for Choosing Venture Builder Investment Fund for StartUp
Criteria for Choosing Venture Builder Investment Fund for StartUp

Venture builder investment portfolio

There are two types of venture builder investment funds:

  • Generalist: This startup investment fund invests in all fields, all industries. As long as the project is highly feasible, they are willing to pour money into the investment.
  • Specialist: The fund focuses on investing in certain areas. Startup companies need to consult the details of this Fund’s investment portfolio before submitting projects for appraisal and calling for investment capital.

Skylink Partner is a specialist venture builder with a portfolio including: retail, technology, media. For each portfolio, we only invest in fixed areas. Please refer to the fund information on our main website.

Investment stage of the fund

Venture builder funds typically invest in various stages of a startup. It is divided into 3 main stages: early-stage, growth-stage, and late-stage/venture. Currently, Skylink Partners focuses on investing in early stage startups. Just have a breakthrough business idea, send the project for us to appraise right away.

Investment conditions

When negotiating with the venture builder fund management about an investment project, clearly state the necessary conditions for support for mutual benefits. There are many cases, founders, CEOs of startups often sell a lot of shares in the first fundraising, leading to many difficulties in subsequent fundraising. In addition, the binding conditions of the fund when requiring the interest to hold how many shares of the company also need to be clearly discussed.

In addition to investment capital, ask the fund’s management and advisory board about their involvement in building and growing the business. Most investment funds operating under the venture builder model today often have a core team of talents in many different fields such as strategy department, executive board, IT, sales & marketing, designer, etc. According to the needs and abilities of the founder, the fund can participate at the same time as a “companion” with the business, greatly reducing risks, attracting many talents, saving time, quickly opening global scale.

Partners and investors of venture builder

The majority of the investor community, the partners of the startup investment fund are usually successful founders and entrepreneurs. Because they understand the difficulties and obstacles when starting a business, they often choose investment projects carefully, assessing the capacity of future “founders”. Besides, when startups have the opportunity to cooperate with the fund, they will also be “special advisors”, giving realistic judgments, helping founders realize what is an “illusion”, where potential ideas to explore.

As a startup, you have 2 options for the direction of your business.

One is, you do everything yourself, using equity, building your own team and processes for the company. This process often takes time, effort, and money, but in return you will be the sole owner of the business.

Second, cooperate with an investment fund for startups, share more for a chance to grow faster. Your business will be provided with infrastructure, supported by leading experts in the field. In addition, your business also participates in the fund’s ecosystem, where partners and startups jointly develop solutions and benefit from a win-win situation.

The above are the top criteria to choose a venture builder investment fund for startups. Therefore, founders need to learn carefully about investment funds, at the same time prepare mentally, know how to state the benefits that are both good for the business and profitable for the fund when presenting the project. in the Demo Day/Pitching round.

Skylink Partners start-up investment fund is a member of Skylink Group operating under the venture builder model. Owning a team of experienced core experts in the fields of finance, IT, sales & marketing, Skylink Partners is committed to bringing diverse investment products in the fields of technology, social media, and retail with high quality. , has long-term profitability potential. Therefore, if investors want to accompany or cooperate with us, please contact the hotline 028 6254 9999 or leave a message in the form below. Skylink Partners will support you as soon as possible. Best regards.

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